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Daintree Deep Forest Lodge is located in Far North Queensland at Cape Tribulation, 120 km North of Cairns in the unique tropical rainforest of Daintree National Park meets the Great Barrier Reef.  Experience the true feeling of Cape Tribulation while staying in Deep Forest Lodge. Surrounded and sheltered by an impressive rainforest canopy, Deep Forest Lodge offers apartments that have all the comforts, while  blending aesthetically with their awesome surroundings.

Explore the wilderness of  two ecological wonders, side by side,  Cape Tribulation - Daintree National Park and  The Great Barrier Reef from your accommodation in  Daintree Deep Forest Lodge. Become part of our rainforest as cassowaries walk past your verandah.

Enjoy these two World Heritage Areas. The rugged mountains sloping down to the coastal strip are covered in ancient rainforest, and The Barrier Reef is full of colourful coral and exotic fish.

Listed here are numerous independent activities, however, we also book tours with operators for reef trips, river cruises, guided walks, bird watching, croc spotting,aerial flights, horse rides, paddling, 4WD tours, all at no extra cost to you.

G.P.SS.  Elevation 33M    S. 16.18459     E. 145.41390

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